Launch of the Finance Alumni Development Grant (FADeG)

Initiated by Olivier Stephanopoli (E86) within the scope of ESSEC Development Campaign.


The FADeG is built on the generous help of ESSEC alumni, interested in the development of the ESSEC Finance department, the first of them being Marie Schallier, François Auvillain, Didier Genet, Jean‐Marc Xuereb and Olivier Stephanopoli.

The fund is dedicated to enhance and support the visibility, the research activity, the academic life of the ESSEC Finance Department, and the interactions with ESSEC alumni.

This year, Olivier Stephanopoli will chair the Fund, and Laurence Lescourret will be the academic representative for the department.

The Finance Department would like to express his warmest thanks to Olivier Stephanopoli, and looks forward to have a productive and enjoyable academic year.

According to Alain Gauthier (G06), Director of the Alumni Campaign, “This superb initiative which brings together professors, alumni with a strong attachment to their school, the school management team and the fund‐raising team is a perfect illustration of a successful fund raising campaign centered around a well defined project whose objective is to stimulate research in one of ESSEC areas of excellence”.

Olivier Stephanopoli: “Finance is certainly one of the most complex, many‐sided and ever evolving research area. In a field deeply and durably marked by the recent financial crisis, ESSEC Finance department will have numerous challenges to take up in this respect in the following years. FADeG launching then aims at practically helping academic teams to maintain and consolidate the long‐standing prominent position of ESSEC in Finance. It is also dedicated to the promotion of fruitful interactions and communication among the financial ESSEC community”.

Laurence Lescourret is Associate Professor and co‐head of the ESSEC Finance Department. Olivier Stephanopoli is Deputy CEO at OTCex, and is also Executive Chairman of the ESSEC Development Campaign. For several years, he has been supporting the ESSEC development campaign generously with time and financial resources.

Other ESSEC alumni will be very welcomed in joining the FADeG. They can also support the ESSEC general development campaign, or both. If you want more information, you can use the following e‐mail addresses, upon your convenience: Laurence LESCOURRET or Olivier STEPHANOPOLI.

Please visit ESSEC Finance Department website.

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